Rockin’ at the Farmers Market

...if you can imagine it, she can build it!

It’s harvest time.  Time to go to the Farmers Market and check out the fresh veggies, apples, honey…and, of course, what would a market be without its artisans.

Anna Carnell’s booth of mosaics and artworks made from natural and recyled elements showcase her amazing talent – bringing customer’s realizations to life or by using total freedom in her creations.  Like a stone teapot.  Her work has such unique possibilities that I was surprised when the lid didnt come off…it looked so real.

It’s no surprise that Anna’s work is so ‘elemental’.  I met her years ago when she lived in a National Park.  Nature and appreciation for the beauty in nature are evident in every aspect of her life.  She has since moved to the Calgary area – somewhere where she could live closer to her second passion – her horses.  When not in her studio you can find her and her partner riding or playing Polocrosse.  A cross between Polo and Lacrosse!  And when not tending horses, creating stone mosaics, working the Millarville or Calgary markets, or working with her many student projects…you can find her putting the final touches and details on her newest building project – her new home in the Foothills.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out the southern Alberta Farmers Market yet – no problem!  Anna is one of over 30 artisans coming north to the Jasper Christmas Fair on Nov 22nd.

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