Revival of Bohemia…or just common sense

The Artery
Notebook Magazine open stage at the Artery

We had heard of this new magazine – it showcases the artwork of local artists.  But what was truly unique was that it showcased emerging artists…and the writeups were done by emerging writers and poets.  (I know a poet is a writer…but a writer isn’t always a poet – in my opinion)

And this magazine has evenings to coincide with their new editions…opening nights for a magazine!  And just when we thought the concept couldn’t get any better they added an evening of music releasing a new CD compilation of musicians – a musical version of the magazine.  All set in the most unassuming location we could imagine.  These artists and musicians took over the space in old downtown Edmonton known as the Artery.  If there was ever a project to show the success of taking back a community that has been abandoned by its residents and commercial business – the Artery is it.

More friends showed up – Moses Gregg on bass and Scott Cook…so we setup our laptop and did a webcast to share with those who could not attend!  WiFi and microphones went up quickly in a building that almost predates electricity on Jasper Avenue.  For hours crowds filed in and out of a neighbourhood that for the past 20+ years has seen persistent urban decay.  Kudos to the folks who own the old building and have given the Artery an opportunity to breathe life – even if its temporary – back into the area.  Kudos also to the volunteers and proactive visionaries who keep the Artery alive…with programs and upkeep in the old structure.  No the doors aren’t straight – the infrastructure is aged – the floors don’t shine – but the artists do.  Thanks Artery – for letting the Artspeak!

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