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Laurie Greenwood

If there is was one thing about living in a small town that I would change…I think it would be to add a book store.   One of the musts on any trek to the ‘city’ is to check out, wander through and linger in a book store.  Edmonton has some gems…Greenwoods topping my list.  Anyone listening to CBC Radio and their book reviews has undoubtedly listened to Laurie Greenwood weave the wonder of reading into every interview.  This year marks the 30th anniversary of Greenwoods in old Strathcona.  And the lineup of author readings is fabulous!

In keeping with the IOTAD vision of building bridges across cultural genres – we approached Laurie to do some video coverage of her authors.  Nothing speaks volumes (excuse the pun!) like having the author tell the story personally…how it came to be…where the inspiration came from…like Thomas Trofimuk reading from his newest book  ‘Waiting for Columbus’.

Laurie is no stranger to the book industry.  When we spoke to her about the history of book selling in Alberta she remembered the time when book ordering was done on paper and faxed to suppliers.  This. of course, has changed to on line inventorying and instant orders by email…as well as the technology now that a lot of folks use to order books from their homes…and the big box book stores that have resulted in the demise of many small independent bookstores.

Living in a rural community – I confess – I have purchased books online.  And waited impatiently for the arrival of the mail.  But nothing compares to standing in a store surrounded by books, chosen for their content – not for their ‘re saleability’.   Books chosen to support the authors.  Chosen for their intrinsic value…and sold by people who somehow seem to know exactly what book you are talking about!

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