Arts Jasper is Jaspers oldest arts organization. 

Founded in 1974, it has provided support to school programs, has brought Fringe theatre programs to town, had Taiko Drummers shake the dust out of the Activity Centre and even hosted a professional Ballet. In recent years Arts Jasper is probably better known for the presentation of an annual classical spring music concert and is key to the seasonal dinner theatre program.  March 2020 to March 2021 marks a full year, Arts Jaspers 47th year, where no performances have been presented.

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The arts have been the hardest hit industry in the world since March 2020. While we may not be able to choose a date to return to stages and artspaces and theatres, Arts Jasper feels that we can support the art and artists who have made the last 20 months bearable.

With the onslaught of virtual entertainment AJ knows that for the arts to survive there will have be opportunities to re-animate and revive community creativity. As in the 1970’s AJ plans to take this reset as a time to recognize and build on the artists in community. They are going back to their roots…making sure community has access to what it needs to foster a strong appreciation for all things art.

Presenting, like its 1975…on time for spring…

RE-Animation Grants for a 2022 March Showcase!!

Whats a March Showcase?
Whats a Re-Animation Grant?

For March 2022, Arts Jasper will sponsor artists to re-animate community arts with funding towards creations on the theme of ‘Re-Animate’.  

Many artists are wondering when a normality will return to artspaces and stages. Audiences are eager to buy tickets, to hear music, to dance…to re-animate the cultural scene that has been dormant over the past year. Its simply a re-animation of all those things that give life importance.

In keeping with the Arts Jasper mandate of fostering a vibrant arts community, they believe that education is a responsibility and a huge opportunity for 2022 artists and audiences.

Grants are being made available to artists in all disciplines to work on the theme of Re-Animate. While that offers opportunity for established artists to access funds and new audiences, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the arts will be nurtured into the future. So, the re-animation grants are for teams. Mentors and protégés!  

These grants will see an established artist teamed up with a youth artist to co-create and tell us what the arts mean in a post pandemic world – with the co-creations being presented to the public on time for the season of renewal…Spring 2022.

Details and applications at

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Original Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash *edited

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