We have to admit…if we recieved a score of 55/60 on something we would be pleased.

But that is not a score. That is the number of weeks the Habitat has been closed to the public. That is the number of weeks we have not had a paint night or a music night or a film night.

That is the number of weeks that youth have not been able to rehearse for theatre. That number incorporates the loss of dinner theatre, poetry nights, bowls with soul, and culture days activities…

But worse than all of that…that number reflects how a huge percentage of our attention, of our creativity has shifted. Online workshops, online entertainment…all those cultural bandaids we hope to rip off soon. And we all know how painful that can be if we leave the bandaid on too long!


While we wait…we can still dream.
(Did you know that the Habitat’s parent non profit is actually IOTAD…It Only Takes A Dream)

We have hesitated to program anything that required a date and a time.
But this Re-Animation, this Re-Vival..whatever it will become NEEDS you. NEEDS the creatives in community.

MARCH 2022…TWO YEARS from March 2020…we can do this.
All dreamers welcome…we can do this!
Get involved, stay informed 2022@iotad.ca

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