FREE, ONLINE…for now

Who would have known that the update on this site would be to tell you how and what we are up to during a pandemic!?

The Habitat for the Arts sadly closed their doors on March – Friday the 13th – 2020. One week before an amazing weekend of workshops and authors and book readings and even a book store were to open in the building. A collaborative weekend that involved readings in the Library and the Art Gallery – in both official languages…

Seems so very long ago.

It’s now four months later…we have some programs that instructors are bringing alive with all the necessary precautions.

AND we ponder daily on TRANSFORMATION of Habitat. Studios that used to allow up to 30+ participants are now limited to 10…

We did find this.

A FREE app designed for communities to keep us connected as we now look to our screens until we can meet again in the theatre or at a workshop!

CLICK on the link below the poster to get your FREE app
Stay connected to Habitat news, services and even a workshop or two as Culture Days approaches!

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