Being 9

So this is what being 9 feels like. The end of a decade of presenting, organizing and seeking the arts in Jasper. Feels pretty good.

We have spent much of today working on being 10 though. Working on a celebration of art  | theatre | music | dance | writing and pottery for summer 2019!  Six weeks of workshops for all ages…in voice and guitar and stage movement and cartooning….

You see,
We compete with the most amazing place on earth during the summer. We compete with hiking and camping and biking and climbing. And sunshine. Who wants to be indoors in the Rockies in the summer!?
In fact,
If its anything like last summer…it gets downright desolate up here!

UNLESS we entice you in with more great programming like the past six months!

So mark your calendars…summer 2019 you want to be here!

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