One Month

I promise…our posts wont all be titled…one week…one month…but that is how we are marking this 28 day milestone!  We are a month old.

The space is coming together.  Our community grand opening is next week.  We have a  new traveling exhibition from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.  We have had three short animation films created in the media lab.  Drop ins have created suncatchers and dreamcatchers, the coffee and crafts for mommys and daddys is still to catch on, we know it will.

Great conversations have evolved about what to do with that space.  Art for Lunch has had an audience watching the films on both weeks.  Like HabOne…we can see that HabTwo will tell us what people want.  Tomorrow night we have an exciting ‘house concert’ with The Whiskey Jerks out of Saskatoon.

Our t-shirts are back in stock.  Thanks to Cara Mason who offered up a design for our VanBorg.  For sale through the Habitat.1613924_1042213615816368_1698335438068427885_n

Our coffee sleeve came this month too!  Thanks to the SnowDome for allowing us to use their cafe to collect art and thoughts that we incorporated onto the sleeves.  Art was provided by cafe artist Susan Szathmary, the quote was anonymous.13698059_1119897344714661_1646817048204903532_o

A writing workshop is planned for Aug 12/13 weekend for youth and adults with Kamia Shepherd.  The Open Mic Night on first Tuesday of the month is next week…we have decided to make it about ‘Mastering that Toast’ in connection to the formal Toastmaster nights we had years ago.

The weekly calendar still fluctuates between short days and long…Wednesdays we have decided will be our noon to 8pm ‘come and ask us questions’ day.

So please do.  Come by and tell us what you want to do!



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