What is Heritage? It arrived via RIVERS RAILS AND ROADS!!

Good question.

In Alberta it is a day – August 1.  A day to celebrate who we are, what makes us Canadians or Albertans…or a day to recognize the multitudes of ethnicity that now constitute our community.

Did you know that Canada was the first country – 1971 – to adopt a policy on multiculturalism?

Living in Jasper, and welcoming the world on a daily basis as we are a true Canadian destination of choice, means we see the ‘Global Village’ in a much different way than perhaps someone who doesn’t experience such diverse visitor traffic.  It’s fascinating to walk the streets or go to the grocery store and hear the languages of the world trying to translate our English world.

What is Heritage?  Well, if you were in Edmonton you could go to Hawrelak Park and taste foods from around the world for Heritage Day – or watch ethnic dance!  (Next summer we shall try this here!)  😉

It seems that a word like Heritage is not something you can define with just more words…its a feeling…a sound…something intangible.
So – on August 1 in Jasper you can drop by the Parks Info Centre and meet ‘heritage’ characters like Charlotte Small and David Thompson.  Catch the Metis Dancers, try some Maple Syrup cotton candy, check out the art of Creeatives, take a ride on the various modes of transportation…because…like our visitors who arrived this summer – we all came here at some point via RIVERS RAILS OR ROADS!

1pm August 1

Free Community Event…





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