Anticipation  is the only word that we can find to describe the feeling we get when we walk into the Habitat for the Arts this (and every) month.  We like the word anticipation because it involves emotion and excitement.  In a dictionary anticipation can sometimes involve anxiety – either way, excited or anxious – it is all about expectations and hoping for good things.

And that is exactly what Habitat is.  Good things.

We are gearing up for another Sunday in July with Matricia Brown – the second Sunday in our Habitat Heritage Series of workshops.  Matricia spent an afternoon sharing her skills at traditional beading.   The Habitat’s classroom with its northwest facing windows proved to be the perfect place to chase tiny beads around a loom…an artform that puts the eyes to work as well as the fingers!  All five of the students (yeh! class sizes are progressively growing) finished bracelets in the allotted time and are already registered for July 17th’s bead workshop – mocassins – beading on hides.  The class is filling up but give Justin a call – we can add another class!

Matricia has also agreed to be part of our RIVERS RAILS AND ROADS Heritage Day program on August 1.  The information centre in Jasper will come alive for half a day with the sights and sounds of Metis Dance, art and music.  2011 is the 200th year anniversary of the cartographer and explorer David Thompson having moved through this area of the Rockies.  In keeping with the spirit of travel we have several summer events around the theme RIVERS RAILS AND ROADS.  And of course what is any kind of a Heritage celebration without cultural expression from as many ethnicity’s as possible!   See you there on August 1 – you will find me at the Maple Shack kiosk…maple sugar candy floss – yum!

The theme of travel is pretty hard to ignore when you live here…we travel out to get services we don’t have here.  And thousands of visitors travel here because of the draw of the mountains…including a class of students who spent an afternoon at Habitat this week.  What to do with 27 children?  How can we build an arts program that they can relate to and learn from?  How can we give them something of value for their afternoon at Habitat?!

A puzzle mural!  We presented them with the concept of RIVERS RAILS AND ROADS and provided them with a short history of David Thompson and the Fur Trade area that we live in…a map was drawn on a 10 foot scale of the three R’s between their home and Jasper and then cut into 1 foot squares.  At random each student chose a square and then was to draw what they knew about the area on their square.  Was there a river there?  Was there any heritage buildings there?  Mountains?  They were free to draw a historical depiction of the area on their square or a futuristic vision of what might be there in 2211!

The map was then reconstructed – and not unlike the one below that we did at the community BBQ – we have discovered that putting the puzzle together is as much fun as painting it!

So we are anticipating July to be as wonderful as June has been.  The AFA exhibit for July is all about our Global Village…what better way to share our love of arts and culture with visitors and community than with ‘This Village’,  works by five immigrants to Alberta.  Did you know that Canada was the first country to adopt a policy of multiculturalism in 1971 where all ethnic groups are encouraged to share their culture with other Canadians?  Be sure to take in the RIVERS RAILS AND ROADS Heritage Day festivities on August 1 …  there will be some great surprises!  (thanks to Deb at Phat Cat!)

Another project under the three R’s program is the revival / continuation of the famed JASPER STORY!  And serendipitously – what should arrive at Habitat this week?  A box full of gold rush Klondike clothing.  Mens and ladies hats, dresses, frills and stockings…  A must see for anyone interested in fabric arts, fashion or history!

Watch for our Mulitcultural displays in July, some films from the NFB and a chance to get involved in history!

Habitat is open Tues to Saturday, noon to 5 (sometimes we close early on Saturdays)

We will be at the Jasper Farmers Market starting July 5!

Located on the second floor of the Provincial Building on the corner across from Nutters and Evil Daves Restaurant.

If you stop by and the door is locked…give us a call…780.852.4747 and we shall meet you there if we can!


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