From Scottish poets to Olympic Hockey

Last year we took on working with a regional arts society called the Creative Campus.  If anyone had told me that I would be listening to bagpipes, watching Olympic Hockey, hanging art for a television crew, meeting Wendy Davis (author of Dal and Rice),  and listening to the Fiddle River Band all in one week I would have laughed.  Instead – I’m just smiling!

We have an amazing community.  Check back soon as we put the final touches on this years programs…from St Pattys Day’s Celtic Hour, YRAF’s Arts Festival (largest one in Rural Alberta!), July’s Shoot Camp (aka Filmmaking 101), August’s Horse Power Exhibition, September’s Bowls with Soul and Variety Show, Artists in the Pines and the annual Barb Brooks Exhibit in December…  Jasper is the place to be – whatever you want to be!

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