Modern Day Bards of Song take over the Library!

How fitting that Literacy Day should be recognized by writings and songs.

In celebration of this year’s Family Literacy Day theme, “Sing for Music,” Jasper Municipal Library held a songwriting contest.  Seven local songwriters submitted 11 songs in genres ranging from folk to blues, rock to reggae.

The songwriters were given the opportunity to perform live at a “Night of Music” on January 27. The night attracted an audience of about 20 people, who were treated to the live performances of five musicians. The performers were as disparate as their songs, ranging in experience from Alicia Kennedy, a recent high school graduate, to Keith Allen, a veteran of Jasper’s musical community.

The winners, chosen by the audience and fellow songwriters, were as follows:  First Place Andy Gartner for Song for the Elders (Old Man); Second Place Alicia Kennedy for We were Empowered; Third place/Librarian’s Award Heather Daw for Fiction Addiction.  Prizes were donated by the Jasper Folk and Blues Society and by the IOTAD arts foundation – another great example of partnerships between nonprofits. Janeen Keelan

Photo caption:  Left to right – Keith Allen, Stephen Nelson, Andy Gartner, Heather Daw, Alicia Kennedy (missing: Kailen Mulcahy, Anita Laurie)  Photo by Angie Thom

Thanks Janeen for being there and sending us this update!  Hope those artists get a chance to submit their writing or their music to the Yellowhead Arts Festival – has the details.   Another way to strengthen and support our modern day musical storytellers.

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