Filmmaking 101

Fostering the James Cameron’s amongst us

Telling stories has been a part of each of our lives since we were children.  Many of us remember writing ‘what did you do this summer’ as part of the annual return to school.  Some of you may be younger and remember putting that story to computers as part of the multimedia component for English 10.

The world has changed dramatically in the past 20 years – the students and storytellers of today have many opportunities before them.  The development of ‘social media’ and the plethora of ways to communicate is mind boggling.

As professionals and business people the ways to use new communications – new storytelling methods – is ever changing and continually sought.  Having voice messaging, VOIP, Skype, Facebook, YouTube, Zoom, Google Duo, and video conferencing is common in the office of 2023.

HABITAT FOR THE ARTS has a fully equipped media arts room for exploring communication. Hands on training and exploring is open to all – contact if you wish to try your hand at sound or vision editing, collecting, producing…


This is your opportunity to help nurture the next generation of Alberta visual storytellers and communicators. In the words of Bill Marsden, Alberta’s first Director and co-founder for the Alberta Motion Picture Development Corporation, “Local filmmakers will always work closer to the heart; they know the subject and will do a better job on it than foreign or out of province production companies.  We should be building our own stories – our authors have books that have gone worldwide – there is no reason why our films couldn’t.

Sponsoring Habitat’s Media Arts Room means the community continues to have access to new skills and tools! Ask us anything.

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