Busking for 2023 has added a site to the map below
and now the streets come alive with BOOKED & PROMOTED musicians on LONG WEEKEND SATURDAYS!

For Canada Day Weekend Saturday and Heritage Day Weekend Saturday and
Labour Day Weekend Saturday we will be booking sites for
3PM and 5PM and 7PM
…and promoting that you are out there!!

So let us know if you are able to busk LONG WEEKEND SATURDAYS and we will let people know
where and who you are.

We are back…read all about it in this news article – https://www.fitzhugh.ca/busking-is-back/

Thank you for considering making the streets of Jasper sound as great as they look!!

After many years of piloting a busking program we have come to the following conditions:

  1. Busking is permitted only in areas identified on the Town of Jasper Busking Locations Map (see image below).
  2. Busking is not permitted:
    • So close to another performer so as to interfere with the other’s performance;
    • At sites that have already been booked for events or festivals;
    • Where the performer and/or the audience gathered to view the performer blocks pedestrian flow or business entrances;
    • In tree/garden beds.
  3. Buskers may perform only between noon and 8pm, for 1.5 hour maximum at a time per location. Repertoire must have enough content that the same song is not played more than twice in a session.
  4. Once a time limit described in section 3 has expired, buskers must move to a different location and may not return to that location for the remainder of the day.
  5. No amplification may be used.
  6. High risk or unsafe performances which may put the public and/or the performer at risk are not permitted.
  7. All performances must be suitable for a general family audience.
  8. Buskers will have a neat and clean appearance.
  9. Buskers will respect the right of merchants and residents to operate without undue disturbance outside their premises.
  10. Buskers may not use drugs, alcohol or tobacco or appear intoxicated.
  11. Buskers are not permitted to sell CDs or other merchandise.
  12. Signs, banners or displays are not permitted, except those that show that you are a registered busker.
  13. Buskers must have their Busker Permit visible to the public at all times.
  14. Buskers must demonstrate a reasonable degree of proficiency in their performances. You are performing in a World Heritage Site for potentially visitors from aroung the world…please look and sound as professional as possible.
  15. Buskers may receive donations for their performances, but must not charge a minimum or set fee for performances. Aggressive or persistent solicitation of donations is not permitted.
  16. Buskers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by the adult guardian, named on the application, at all times.
  17. Buskers must ensure that they have obtained all clearances, licenses, and performances rights to material presented.
  18. The busker agrees to indemnify and save harmless the Town of Jasper and the Parks Canada agency, and Her Majesty the Queen in right of Canada, from all costs, loss damages, proceedings, actions, claims, demands and expenses incurred by the busker and sustained or caused by, or arising out of, the busker’s performance and behaviour in the town of Jasper.

Busking licenses are $50 – contact habitatforthearts@gmail.com

The map of busking locations:

NOTE for 2023 the site of NO SOUND has been permitted SOUND!!